5 1 refusal skills

These activities are designed to help youth build the skills necessary to refuse the use of nicotine and tobacco products. Creative Ways to Say No 30 minutes Provide the opportunity for students to brainstorm and practice resistance skills.

5 1 refusal skills

The influence that people your age may have on you is called peer pressure. Click Next to attempt another question. Identify two examples of manipulation.

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Click Next to view the answer. Some common methods of manipulation Mocking or teasing another person in mean or hurtful ways Using guilt trips to get desired results Bargainingoffering to make a deal to get what one wants.

5 1 refusal skills

Using flattery or praise to influence another person Bribingpromising money or favors if the person will do what is asked Making threatspromising violence or some other negative consequence if the person does not do what is asked Using blackmailthreatening to reveal some embarrassing or damaging information if the person does not do what is asked Click Next to attempt another question.

How might a friend help you resist negative peer pressure? Friends who have respect for your health and well-being will be less likely to pressure you into doing something that goes against your values.

You will find that its much easier to resist negative peer pressure from someone else when you have friends who stand by you and support your decision. Suppose a group of friends constantly teases a student in your school.

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There is truly something for everyone!Sign In. Whoops! There was a problem previewing Refusal attheheels.com Retrying. Refusal Skills Essay. Refusal Skills – Work File. Read each of the case studies located on the activities page in the assignment and choose one of the case studies to .

Cette page a été enlevée ou n'est pas disponible en ce moment. Sujets populaires. Part 1 Using the refusal skills sequence, complete the case scenario by indicating how you would refuse to be involved in the situation.

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Include all eight steps of the refusal sequence, and use the format indicated below for each step%(5). Refusal skills simply involve refusing peer pressure and standing alone on principle when a situation arises, states the Utah Education Network.

Video of the Day Step 1. n ne Lesson Four.

5 1 refusal skills

Communication In Relationships. Lesson Overview. • We should be able to express feelings without blaming • We need good negotiation, assertiveness and refusal skills in everyday life • Empathy is listening and understanding another per - son’s needs and feelings.

Lesson Objectives.

Life Management Skills v10 (GS): Points of Interest: Refusal Skills