A comparison of the namesake by jhumpa lahiri and dreams from my father by barack obama

By minusthebox In Current Leave a comment The doors opened to our homemade banners and smiling faces. It was my first day ever as a leader in the school I co-founded. I was 27 years old.

A comparison of the namesake by jhumpa lahiri and dreams from my father by barack obama

Lying Bookseller, Smooth Politician Bookselling has afforded me many opportunities to meet great writers and public figures. However, as I sat in an overheated middle school auditoriu m waiting to cast my vote for Barack Obama in Colorado's caucus on Tuesday, I realized that if Obama wins, I can add a United States President to my celebrity list.

It's not a pretty story, and if Obama were a hawkish right-wing Republican who might gleefully classify big-mouth booksellers as enemy combatants, I'd already be looking for property in Canada.

The restaurant--a very staid eatery with hundreds of portraits of formerly powerful white men on the walls--bills itself as the place "where statesman dine.

No normal human being would subject themselves to a five-course meal while being stared at by the members of Richard Nixon's cabinet. The Crown party, featuring not only Obama, but Juan Williams, Ina Garten, Michael Isikoff and Gillian Flynn, was the top event of that year's Book Expo and there was quite a bit of internal discussion about who on our staff would get to go.

I was accompanied by our young marketing manager who was new to the book business and fairly naive about politics. We arrived early and headed straight to the bar. Obama, who was promoting Audacity of Hope, had not yet arrived and, in fact, the rumors were that he might not make it to the dinner at all.

At the bar, we fell into an entertaining conversation with Flynn about her debut novel Sharp Objects. It was the type of novel, a mystery, that I probably would never read. I feigned interest as I scanned the room searching for a luminary to pounce upon. Gradually, I was drawn in by the attractive Flynn and her tales of Hollywood's elites.

She's the television critic for Entertainment Weekly. I asked her if she was ever intimidated by a star, at which she laughed and said that actually the only actor who ever made her nervous was Dennis Quaid.

Then Flynn quickly explained that she'd had a crush on him since she was a girl. Eventually, our tight, fairly drunken circle was broken up when one of Crown's publicists introduced a fe w other booksellers to Flynn.

I wandered off and, in my desire to snag another drink, basically ran over Ina Garten. I was busy apologizing when I suddenly realized who she was.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

She gave me a look of mild reproach. She told me about the dessert that she had created for that evening's meal. It involved strawberries and balsamic vinegar and sounded like something that would go horribly wrong if attempted at home.

By this time, the bar was mobbed and still there was no sign of Barack Obama. I was rehearsing what I might say to him if I got the chance when I caught a few words in Juan Williams' familiar voice booming across the room.

Everything I imagined saying to Obama suddenly sounded like the slurred ravings of a groupie. My internal monologue was interrupted by Crown's attempt to get us to sit down at our assigned tables.

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It was then, as I was moving from the bar, that Obama entered the room. He was taller than I imagined, but more slight--all elbows and shoulders and chin on first impression. A coterie of editors and publicists guided him through the bar. I stood at a safe distance observing how firmly he shook everyone's hand and how easily a smile came to his lips.

It was a crazy scene, with dozens of people vying for his attention.

A comparison of the namesake by jhumpa lahiri and dreams from my father by barack obama

I figured at most I'd get a quick handshake as the whisked him over to a more important bookseller or media member. My wife had spent the previous two weeks reading his autobiography in preparation for the discussion and she had read a few passages out loud to me.

The language was surprisingly lyrical and my wife, a tough reader, had been impressed by his writing style."The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri - This is a must read, along with some others that I haven't read and might consider." "PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Dreams from My Father. A wonderful contemplative memoir reflecting on Obama's childhood raised in the heartland of America, Hawaii, and Indonesia.

"This book is a great comparison of the. English-annotations Uploaded by. Anisha Gunawardhana. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. English-annotations Download. English-annotations Dec 23,  · Dreams of a white Christmas have turned into a nightmare for that continent as heavy snow has shut down trains and airports.

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The converse was true, for example, with the visit of US President Barack Obama where the government's contribution was relatively limited and much of the action was taking between private individuals.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. “My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions”, which was published recently by Rupa, is a new book written by – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the former President James Comey appointed as next FBI director by Barack Obama.

7. New Chief of Defence Research and Development Organisation Indian-American author Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel was.

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"Young Barack Obama on Identity, the Search for a Coherent Self, and How Polarizing Identity Politics Fragments Our Wholeness" "PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Dreams from My Father.

A wonderful contemplative memoir reflecting on Obama's childhood raised in .

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