A description of the immeasurable development of the intellectual capacity of men

Definitions[ edit ] Socially, intellectuals constitute the intelligentsiaa status class organised either by ideology conservativefascistsocialistliberalreactionaryrevolutionarydemocraticcommunist intellectuals, et al. The contemporary intellectual class originated from the intelligentsiya of Tsarist Russia c. I am a human; I reckon nothing human to be foreign to me. The Intellectuals are specialists in defamationthey are basically political commissarsthey are the ideological administrators, the most threatened by dissidence.

A description of the immeasurable development of the intellectual capacity of men

Study of Death and Dying Physical Development: Decades of exposure and use take their toll on the body as wrinkles develop, organs no longer function as efficiently as they once did, and lung and heart capacities decrease. Other changes include decreases in strength, coordination, reaction time, sensation sight, hearing, taste, smell, touchand fine motor skills.

Still, none of these changes is usually so dramatic that the middle adult cannot compensate by wearing glasses to read, taking greater care when engaging in complex motor tasks, driving more carefully, or slowing down at the gym.

The biopsychosocial changes that accompany midlife—specifically, menopause the cessation of menstruation in women and the male climacteric male menopause in men—appear to be major turning points in terms of the decline that eventually typifies older adulthood. None of the biological declines of middle and late adulthood needs to be an obstacle to enjoying all aspects of life, including sex.

For example, too often society has erroneously determined that menopause inevitably means the end of female sexuality. For these same reasons, women who have undergone a hysterectomy, or surgical removal of the uterus, frequently report improved sexual response.

Men also experience biological changes as they age, although none is as distinct and pronounced as female menopause. Testosterone production lessens, which creates physical symptoms, such as weakness, poor appetite, and inability to focus on specific tasks for extended periods.

A description of the immeasurable development of the intellectual capacity of men

However, this reduction in testosterone does not fully explain the psychological symptoms of anxiety and depression that may accompany middle adulthood, indicating that the male climacteric probably has more to do with emotional rather than physical events.

During middle age, men are faced with the realization that they are no longer 20 years old and that they are not going to accomplish all they wanted to in life. They may also feel less sexually attractive and appealing, as they discover that seemingly overnight they have gained extra weight around the waist, are balding, and are feeling less energetic than they used to.

Women, for instance, experience the American double standard of aging: Men who are graying are perceived as distinguished, mature, and sexy, while women who are graying are viewed as being over the hill or past their prime.

This double standard, coupled with actual physical changes and decline, does little to help middle adults avoid a midlife crisis.The point is, however, that there are many areas in the field of arts and culture that continue to have a direct connection to higher education, such as more intellectual-based jobs in museums, multi-performance arts venues, and cultural centers which continue to display a significant absence of people of color along with an abundance of men in.

Exhibit asynchronous development, which can manifest as uneven intellectual, physical, and emotional development. Oftentimes profoundly intelligent young people are not properly identified and, thus, do not receive an appropriately challenging education.

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Description Definition: Quality of Life is the outcome of a person or groups' level of satisfaction with the environment in which they live; specifically the spiritual, social, cultural, intellectual, economic, and built and natural conditions.

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Characteristics of intellectually advanced young people