An analysis of the blood fluid and the link to danger

Because ultrasound is performed at the time of amniocentesis, it may detect birth defects that are not detected by amniocentesis such as cleft palatecleft lip, club foot, or heart defects. There are some birth defects, however, that will not be detected by either amniocentesis or ultrasound. Continued When Is Amniocentesis Performed?

An analysis of the blood fluid and the link to danger

February 21, at 7: He hinted around to the fact that it will now be a concience matter. Jman March 3, at Nonetheless that really is the issue, is it not? I mean in the same scripture that prohibits eating blood it also prohibits fornication.

What about a Fornication Liaison Committee — no need for those right? Because the scriptures in the Bible make that point clear. But yet the medical use of blood from vaccines, to fractions, to blood transferred in organ transplants, to the fact that white blood cells are transferred during breast feeding — makes the following point an absolute truth that no honest JW could disagree with: Now before JW haters start jumping on the bandwagon and cheering this comment on — I do think there is a pretty clear teaching regarding bleeding any meat we might eat.

Therefore, could it not be concluded that the prohibition of blood transfusion and its non-biblically-defined primary components — is actually based on conclusions that not every dilligent, sincere, lover of Jehovah, Jesus, and the Bible would clearly see.

Perhaps many or some of these men who later promoted a different idea, have long since passed away. As a matter of fact, for Jake and others that love to give an explanation for the controversial policy, if it was so clear why even waste your time trying to defend it? This only reiterates that the understanding of the command on blood cannot be clearly understood without question, not in any uniform manner.

But I personally believe that the lack of clarity on the matter is overwhelming evidence that blood transfusions are indeed a conscience matter. I have thought this through well. I have not stated anywhere herein that I would take a blood transfusion though.

I certainly would show my respect to all those in the medical communities that understand the risks of blood transfusions and offer alternative choices to straight-up blood transfusions.

An analysis of the blood fluid and the link to danger

However, at this time I will not sign a document where somebody besides myself imposes their latest of many changing understandings of an UNCLEAR scripture. Do I prefer to have a health care agent that will consider all medically advised treatment options if I was out of commission?

I know one thing is the current truth right now.

An analysis of the blood fluid and the link to danger

Most importantly that decision would be mine and mine alone. There would be no need to inform members of the congregation of my private decision. As a matter of fact, I would hold liable any congregation member that tried to violate privacy laws and inquire of my personal medical decisions.

Obviously certain family members might need to be involved and they too would understand the importance of confidentiality and the legal implications of breaking such confidentiality. This brings us to a final but yet quite important matter. The Fear of getting disfellowshipped.

And get those initial refuters into a medical situation, would not most of them be willing to accept conscience-matter options? It goes to show that when something goes from a disfellowshipping doctrinal offense, to a non-disfellowshipping conscience matter — there is a huge likelihood that most constituents will suddenly find their conscience allowing them to engage in an activity that previously they said was their individual choice to abstain from it.

Thus here you at first have scriptural interpretation being imposed on matters, but later they become matters for individuals to decide. Were they not matters that Jehovah wanted individuals to decide all along?

No, of course not. But nonetheless, as it stands now and likely will for the foreseeable future — A person where evidence is brought forth showing they have taken forbidden blood products — will face a judicial committee. If this judicial committee finds the individual un-repentant, then the individual will be disfellowshipped and fellow witnesses -including family members that are Witnesses -will no longer be allowed to speak, eat, or socialize with in any way, not even saying hello, with such a person unless he later repents.

It may not matter to the judicial committee though — because they may think that he should have realized that failure to have a mature understanding of whatever the current explanation the organization gives the scriptures on blood, is no excuse for not abiding by the policy. It certainly depends on the committee, but the point is there is a requirement that individuals have to answer not to God — but to an organization.

This becomes a fear tactic and thus a reason for people to be afraid to make a decision that is between them and God on matter with changing unclear scriptural explanations.

But the truth is one can avoid being disfellowshipped, and one does not have to commit to making any medical decision prior to a situation arising.

I will adhere to Acts Again if matters arise beyond what is written, it is evident that Jehovah wants me to make those decisions between him and I alone. I will carry responsibility for those decisions. It will not bother my conscience after I make an informed decision and I will never impose my conscience on others.

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No matter what my decision, I will not have left the faith and God alone will be my judge.Whether or not a raised blood pressure can cause plaques to form is a moot point. One can see that a high blood pressure may cause endothelial damage, but the evidence from blood pressure lowering trials shows zero impact on the rate of death from CHD So, I think the jury is out on this one.

Increase blood flow to the site and increase the permeability of blood vessel walls. Define Cell-mediated immunity: Causes destruction of pathogens at the site of infection. The workforce is changing as businesses become global and technology erodes geographical and physical organizations are critical to enabling this transition and can utilize next-generation tools and strategies to provide world-class support regardless of location, platform or device.

Fluid is sent to the laboratory for testing, where cancer and blood cells can be detected, infections identified, and chemical analysis can direct further investigations. Aftercare An adhesive bandage and perhaps a single stitch close the hole.

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But blood is just one type of fluid that flows unlike what you’d expect. The famously weird mixture of cornstarch in water, for example, is a shear thickening fluid, meaning that it gets thicker.

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