An understanding of the realities of death

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An understanding of the realities of death

We took birth on the Earth to have these unique experiences and in the process also dared to break the laws and witness the other extremes. In such adventures, it is possible to lose our way and get stuck and a similar thing happened to us.

At a stage of its exploration and evolution, the Soul wanted to experience multiple realities simultaneously, still being present in our Cosmos of duality and Maya. God consented and this gave rise to the concept of the Higher Self. It usually refers to contacting our astral self or in some cases even our Causal Self.

But the Higher Self is actually a different and independent reality. The emphasis is on the aspect that all these physical beings are part of the same Soul. It is the astral body that divides and occupies different physical bodies.

Unlike the common perception that everyone has a Higher Self, only a smaller percentage of humanity on our Earth have their Higher Self. It is pursued only by some Souls to explore the diversity and the higher capacities of the Soul.

Lifetimes of sincere Sadhana is required by the individuals to build up these capabilities. Also, to some extent the Soul should be willing to be of service in Creation and cannot pursue all these higher realities for their own experience.

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There are special guides present in our Cosmos called the Atma Palakas. These special Beings permit the creation of Higher Self and monitor their conduct and functioning subsequently.

So how does the Higher Self get created? To begin with, an individual should be pursuing their Sadhana seriously for a minimum of 7 lifetimes to be eligible to create their Higher Self. This amount of Sadhana is required as creating a Higher Self requires a lot of spiritual strength and maturity and also the individual should have the necessary energies in them to be able to do it.

An understanding of the realities of death

The astral body gets divided and each of these entities is eligible to take birth separately. To become eligible to have a Higher Self in Jana Loka and above, further Sadhana is required by the Soul through all these three entities.

Usually, only the Higher Self corresponding to Jana Loka gets created in the next phase. They should also develop the spiritual faculties like the proper functioning of their Third Eye and ability to travel astrally.

Usually the Self belonging to a particular Loka will continue to take birth only in that Plane and they are subject to the respective spiritual and karmic laws of the particular Plane. And it will be the responsibility of that Self only, to clear them. If too many rules and regulations are violated by any of the Higher Self, they are counselled and advised.

If it continues further, the Atma Palakas have the right to even severe that Self from the remaining personality. Exceptions There are many Souls who have been created by the Divine for service and work. There are some rare cases where a Soul marries a special Soul like a Rishi or a Lightworker.

An understanding of the realities of death

There are individuals who do intense Tapas or practice serious tantric techniques and advance spiritually quite rapidly. They too with the grace from God will be able to create a Higher Self by the time of their next birth itself. In a few situations, the Soul would have been a part of the dark groups earlier and transform subsequently.

Amsha and Higher Self A Higher Self is created when the astral body is split and each of them can live independently by taking a separate physical body.

Children's Concepts of Death

But they will all have the same Soul. This is different from an Amsha. An Amsha occurs at the level of the Soul itself. It is a small part of Light from the larger field of Light and it assumes its own independent identity.Narrative description of Wilson FDE.

Experience Description. A friend persuaded me to submit this account, against my natural tendency on the matter. A child’s understanding of death depends on experience and developmental level.

Last week, I ran across a DVD of the animated Disney classic The Lion King.

In the movie, there is an explicit. Children's Concepts of Death Death-related experiences are common in childhood, although many adults assume otherwise. Understanding death is an important issue for children, and they begin at an early age to try to understand it.

When reading and studying the parables of Jesus, it’s important to keep in mind these four guiding principles. 1.

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Don’t treat parables like allegory. This is an online version of a pamphlet for a Rossell Hope Robbins Library exhibition called "Oh Death!: Death, Dying and the Culture of the Macabre in the Late Middle Ages created by Emily Rebekah Huber.

The exhibit ran from October 31, to March 17, First version of this article was published on Feb 10, Carlos Tavares – – So what is up with the timelines? There has been a lot of recent .

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