Cover letter for qa game tester

Included in this role is playing the game to completion numerous times so that bugs and glitches can be identified and resolved.

Cover letter for qa game tester

I prefer the indirect approach— to speak and write and just wait until people email me with offers of work. But today I had an idea for a different kind of marketing message that I believe would appeal to exactly the sort of people who should be hiring me: By testers, I mean anyone whose responsibilities include software testing, during the moments when they are engaged in that task.

I generally teach my three-day Rapid Software Testing class, which focuses on test design and analysis and has a number of short hands-on exercises.

I also have Rapid Software Testing Applied, which has less material but much longer practical exercises, and Rapid Software Testing for Managers, which is oriented to leadership.

What I sometimes do for money is high impact test strategy consulting, which sometimes involves actual testing.

QA Tester Cover Letter

Usually I come in and help for a week or two, then leave and come back again later, providing ongoing support for full-time staff. My favorite work— when I can get it— is high stress, high stakes, expert witness gigs.

That means consulting and testifying on court cases. They are rare and wonderful projects. Why you might want to hire me is that you are worried that you are wasting time and effort in testing, that your testers are bored or shallow in their work, or that too many important bugs are escaping into the field and causing you and your customers distress.

I approach testing analytically, socially, and technologically. Now for the warning. Beware of Hiring Me: Tigers Make Difficult Pets In a big consulting company, management wants workers to be versatile, docile, and inexpensive. A worker like that can be plugged into any situation.

Versatility comes at the cost of depth of skill and experience, however. With increasing expertise, you increase problem-solving power while reducing versatility. I can organize coffee for you. I can plan parties. I can clean your kitchens. I can be a project manager. I can design your website.

I have many skills. Expertise sounds like a really good thing. But the problem is tigers. They grow up and become powerful, inconvenient, dangerous creatures. The same is true of experts. The last thing a company like Mindtree, or Cognizant, or Infosys wants is employees who might refuse to work on a project because the project is demanding that they do bad work.

I wrote about this struggle in my own career, here. And here is an article about Infosys experimenting with experts. Maybe Infosys still has this team, but if they do, they must maintain an expensive habitat for those tigers.

The company needs us more than we need them! I want to please my clients, of course.

Leadership and The Right of Responding to Leaders

But I have a reputation to maintain. As far as I know there is no one who claims to have seen me do work that I knew at the time was bad work. Except possibly the revised IEEE test documentation standard, which has my name on it but which I protested and repudiate.

In any case, I go to pains to get it right, but my concern goes way beyond customer satisfaction.Below is provided a cover letter example demonstrating similar QA Tester skills and experience. For help with your resume, check out our extensive QA Tester Resume Samples.

Dear Ms.

Satisfice, Inc. | Software testing for serious people.

Buchanan: Video Game Tester (Experis_US) - Redmond, WA; View More Qa Tester Jobs. Job Search by. The “test automation pyramid” (for examples, see here, here, and here) is a popular idea, but I see serious problems with it.I suggest in this article an alternative way of thinking that preserves what’s useful about the pyramid, while minimizing those problems.

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Cover letter for qa game tester

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Simmons), I am writing concerning the position as advertised on your website ( for a games tester. My experience with computer games has been extensive, having been passionate about computer games since the age of (15) and having carried through with this passion to adulthood.

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