Description operating room essay

Perioperative nurses help plan, carry out, and assess treatment for patients undergoing surgery.

Description operating room essay

Operating room Definition Description operating room essay operating room ORalso called surgery center, is the unit of a hospital where surgical procedures are performed.

Purpose An operating room may be designed and equipped to provide care to patients with a range of conditions, or it may be designed and equipped to provide specialized care to patients with specific conditions. Description OR environment Operating rooms are sterile environments; all personnel wear protective clothing called scrubs.

They also wear shoe covers, masks, caps, eye shields, and other coverings to prevent the spread of germs. The operating room is brightly lit and the temperature is very cool; operating rooms are air-conditioned to help prevent infection.

The patient is brought to the operating room on a wheelchair or bed with wheels called a gurney. The patient is transferred from the gurney to the operating table, which is narrow and has safety straps to keep him or her positioned correctly.

The monitoring equipment and anesthesia used during surgery are usually kept at the head of the bed. The anesthesiologist sits here to monitor the patient's condition during surgery. Depending on the nature of the surgery, various forms of anesthesia or sedation are administered.

The surgical site is cleansed and surrounded by a sterile drape. The instruments used during a surgical procedure are different for external and internal treatment; the same tools are not used on the outside and inside of the body. Once internal surgery is started, the surgeon uses smaller, more delicate devices.

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Operating room equipment An operating room has special equipment such as respiratory and cardiac support, emergency resuscitative devices, patient monitors, and diagnostic tools. Life support and emergency resuscitative equipment Equipment for life support and emergency resuscitation includes the following: Heart-lung bypass machine, also called a cardiopulmonary bypass pump—takes over for the heart and lungs during some surgeries, especially heart or lung procedures.

The heart-lung machine removes carbon dioxide from the blood and replaces it with oxygen.

Description operating room essay

A tube is inserted into the aorta to carry the oxygenated blood from the bypass machine to the aorta for circulation to the body. The heart-lung machine allows the heart's beating to be stopped during surgery.

Ventilator also called a respirator —assists with or controls pulmonary ventilation.

Perioperative Nurse Certification

They are microprocessor-controlled and programmable, and regulate the volume, pressure, and flow of respiration. Infusion pump—device that delivers fluids intravenously or epidurally through a catheter.

Infusion pumps employ automatic, programmable pumping mechanisms to deliver continuous anesthesia, drugs, and blood infusions to the patient. The pump hangs from an intravenous pole that is located next to the patient's bed. Crash cart—also called resuscitation cart or code cart.

A crash cart is a portable cart containing emergency resuscitation equipment for patients who are "coding" i. Crash carts are strategically located in the operating room for immediate accessibility if a patient experiences cardiorespiratory failure.

Intra-aortic balloon pump—a device that helps reduce the heart's workload and helps blood flow to the coronary arteries for patients with unstable angina, myocardial infarction, or those awaiting organ transplants. Intra-aortic balloon pumps use a balloon placed in the patient's aorta.

The balloon is on the end of a catheter that is connected to the pump's console, which displays heart rate, pressure, and electrocardiogram ECG readings.

Description operating room essay

The patient's ECG is used to time the inflation and deflation of the balloon. Patient monitoring equipment Patient monitoring equipment includes the following: Acute care physiologic monitoring system—comprehensive patient monitoring systems that can be configured to continuously measure and display various parameters via electrodes and sensors connected to the patient.

Parameters monitored may include the electrical activity of the heart via an ECG, respiratory breathing rate, blood pressure noninvasive and invasivebody temperature, cardiac output, arterial hemoglobin oxygen saturation blood oxygen levelmixed venous oxygenation, and end-tidal carbon dioxide.Job description for Operating Room Supervisor.

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Including requirements, responsibilities, statistics, industries, similar jobs and job openings for Operating Room Supervisor. Surgical Technologist Job Description and Duties Learn about your duties and responsibilities as a surgical technologist. The Basics.

What you’ll do as a Surgical Technologist: Also called operating room technicians, surgical technologists assist in surgical’ll prepare operating rooms for surgery; sterilize and supply equipment; prepare patients for surgery, such as washing. Operating Room Nurse job description This Operating Room Nurse job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company.

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Essay about Job Descriptions Words | 5 Pages. Emergency Room Descriptive Essay. the double doors of the emergency room burst open. Pushed by several nurses, doctors, and other medical staff, a lone hospital stretcher with a bloody, wounded patient flies through the medical center towards the doors to the operating room.

2. Non-Essential Functions • Perform other duties as assigned Professional Requirements • Adhere to dress code, appearance is neat and clean.

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