Ib business ia research question

How can "Company Whatever" improve its motivation techniques to increase staff productivity? I'd say it is a good question because it is focused. You're looking at one specific aspect motivation under the the human resources section which is what you want since you only have words. Much like having a question which revolves around finance or marketing, etc.

Ib business ia research question

Senior Baboon Let's say you have two investment opportunities. Which do you prefer? Therefore, time does not affect the multiple.

The inclusion of time means we are accounting for the opportunity cost of the dollars locked into the investment. Consequently, internal rate of returns can be seen as a more useful metric to prospective investors.

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Next, let's take a look at the original interview question. Let's say you have two investment opportunities. Key thing you need to zero in on in comparison questions is what the third variable that needs to be considered. In most comparison questions, there is an indifference point at a given third variable.

In this case, the third variable is time. There are 3 things to keep in mind when answering this question: Given 2 cash flows, MOIC will be the same, regardless of time. IRR will change for the same exact cash flows depending on when they are paid. Most solid candidates get these 2 quantitative points, what some people miss is the qualitative one You want a dollar value of proceeds that is meaningful to both you and the LPs.

Ib business ia research question

So the answer is it depends. What is the time horizon. With that third variable answered, you can properly make a decision.IB Business IA Final. IB Business and Management Example Commentary.

IB Biology IA: Osmosis. Research Proposal Research Question “Should easyJet further penetrate the market for air travel between the UK and Greece? If yes, should the expansion plan be organic or via a takeover?” Documents Similar To Sample IB HL Business Internal /5(). Jun 09,  · Let's say you have two investment opportunities.

One has a higher MOIC, one has a higher IRR. Which do you prefer?

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