Impact of demographic trends to indian

Age However, there is limited literature on fashion trends of India and little emphasis is placed on the impacts of these trends on society on the above parameters. According to Anamika PathakIndian costume is an outcome of nearly four thousand years of history wrought with significant political, economic, social and cultural upheavals and influences. The costumes which form an integral part of any historical dominant culture in India also underwent several crucial transformations.

Impact of demographic trends to indian

For example, how does immigration affect U. Do Americans feel that children are better off with a parent at home, in an era when most women work?

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How is the rise of the young-adult Millennial generation contributing to the rise of Americans with no stated religion? Bythe U. Much of this change has been and will be driven by immigration. Nearly 59 million immigrants have arrived in the U.

Over the next five decades, the majority of U. American attitudes about immigration and diversity are supportive of these changes for the most part.

More Americans say immigrants strengthen the country than say they burden it, and most say the U. In a reversal of one of the largest mass migrations in modern history, net migration flows from Mexico to the U. And after rising steadily sincethe unauthorized immigrant population has leveled off in recent years, falling to Meanwhile, Asians are now the only major racial or ethnic group whose numbers are rising mainly because of immigration.

And while African immigrants make up a small share of the U. The electorate will be the most diverse in U. There are also wide gaps opening up between the generations on many social and political issues.

Young adult Millennials are much more likely than their elders to hold liberal views on many political and social issues, though they are also less likely to identify with either political party: They are the most racially diverse adult generation in American history: And while they are on track to be the most educated generation to date, this achievement has come at a cost: Many Millennials are struggling with student debt.

In addition to the weak labor market of recent years, student debt is perhaps one reason why many are still living at home. Despite these troubles, Millennials are the most upbeat about their financial future: More than eight-in-ten say they either currently have enough money to lead the lives they want or expect to in the future.

The labor force participation rate for American women has risen steadily since the s. Why the continued disparity? While Americans say women are every bit as capable of being good leaders as men, four-in-ten believe they are held to higher standards than men and that the U.

Impact of demographic trends to indian

After decades of declining marriage rates, the share of American adults who have never been married is at an historic high. Two-parent households are on the decline in the U. About one-in-six American kids now live in a blended family.

And the roles of mothers and fathers are convergingdue in part to the rise of breadwinner moms. Dads are doing more housework and child care, while moms are doing more paid work outside the home. Americans are conflicted about some aspects of this change: The share of U.

Americans are well aware of this shift: Over the next four decades, Christians will remain the largest religious group, but Islam will grow faster than any other major religion, mostly because Muslims are younger and have more children than any other religious group globally. Bythe number of Muslims will nearly equal the number of Christians.

The demographic future for the U.Three other Indian cities—Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai (Madras), and Hyderabad—are among the world’s fastest-growing high-technology centres, and most of the world’s major information technology and software companies now have offices in India.

POPULATION GROWTH TRENDS, PROJECTIONS, CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES. INTRODUCTION Human beings evolved under conditions of high mortality due to famines, accidents, illnesses, infections and The experience of states with district based planning, implementation and the impact are being closely monitored.

Impact of Demographic Trends to Indian Economy: An Excerpt INTRODUCTION India has made incredible progress with its economy ever since its independence, whereby after the economic tsunami in , it has been frequently quoted as a likely contender of economic superpower even to the extent of overtaking China.

Even after the strong Impact of the Britishers, we Indians have kept our tradition perpetual and carried forward, but the ongoing and upcoming western trends are engulfing our Indian society at large.

Impact of demographic trends to indian

Indias Demographic Trends: Implications for Growth and Capital Markets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation This presentation examines Indias demographic trends and their implications for economic growth and capital markets.

India () have local impact.


22 Indian Capital Markets/4. Essay on Major Demographic Trends in India – India, as it is made clear, is the second most populous country in the world. Its total population crossed the mark of crore by March Its population is currently increasing at the rate of million per year.

The average annual.

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