Market structure of the german and british tour operators industry through the analysis of the packa

Interrelationships Tour operators arrange the transport, accommodation and leisure activities which make up the holiday packages.

Market structure of the german and british tour operators industry through the analysis of the packa

For more information on nature-based tourism, see our study of Nature and ecotourism. Quality of birdlife How attractive your destination is for birdwatching of course depends on the quality of its birdlife. Deciding factors when choosing a birdwatching destination are the availability and variety of birdlife, as well as the presence of specific bird groups or endemic species.

Annual migratory patterns also play an important role in choosing a destination. Some destinations are seasonal, only of interest during bird migration or breeding periods. Other destinations with diverse habitats such as South Africa allow for varied birdwatching opportunities through the year.

Provide detailed information on the birds in your area, emphasising rare or endemic birds. When can birdwatchers see them? If you cannot offer birdwatching the year round, diversify your product offering during the low season. For example, develop nature tours that focus on scenery and other wildlife.

Make sure that your product descriptions match reality. For example, consider including sound and images of the species on your website.

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Health and safety measures Safety is another important requirement for birdwatching tourism. As birdwatchers often spend a lot of time alone or in small groups in isolated areas, they need those areas to be safe. This situation generally makes protected areas more attractive than unprotected ones.

They are more easily accessible and considered safer. In addition, protected areas are usually home to a higher diversity and number of birds. Pay attention to general safety measures.

Tour operators should, for example, regularly check vehicles and equipment. Hire experienced guides that know the area. Accommodation establishments should have safety measures in place.

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Think of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, first-aid kits and hour medical assistance. Political stability Safety is important to European travellers, especially because some developing countries are politically unstable. Most commercial tour operators do not offer holidays to countries which their Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared unsafe.

This policy has led to a drop in tourism arrivals to Mali, Egypt and Venezuela, for example. Keep potential customers updated on changes to the safety situation in your area; for example, through your website and through your staff.

Share safety experiences from customers on your website. Let them write about how safe they felt, because people value the experience of other travellers.

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In this case, focus on volunteer organisations and individual travellers. Knowledgeable guides A good guide is key to the quality of a birdwatching trip. Guides need to have excellent local knowledge. They must know which places are safe to visit and which are not.

Birdwatchers often use local bird experts, who know the potential location and physical attributes of particular species. This situation increases their chances of seeing less common and local species.

Offer specialist bird tours and guiding services. Also showcase birdwatching opportunities outside of major tourism areas. Make sure that your guides have excellent knowledge of the birds that can be spotted at your destination. They should know which species birdwatchers can see and where, their behaviour and historical information.

Organisations such as BirdLife International can offer training for aspiring bird guides.Market structure of the German and British tour operators’ industry through the analysis of the package tour prices in the Balearic Islands.

Eugeni Aguiló, Joaquín Alegre and Maria Sard[i] Abstract: In this paper we study a sample of package tour prices of German and British tour operators in the Balearic Islands.

The study also evaluates company market share and shows bus sales in unit and dollar terms for major industry competitors, including Anhui Ankai Automobile, Ashok Leyland, Blue Bird, BYD, CNH Industrial, GAZ, Hyundai, Marcopolo, Navistar, Tata Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, Xiamen King Long Motor, and Zhengzhou Yutong Bus.

Continued Evolution of the Toyota Assembly Line February 20, Toyota, Trends Assembly, Material Flow, Toyota Christoph Roser Toyota is one of the the most visionary car makers with respect to its manufacturing.

Price strategies by German and British tour operators in Mallorca Joaquín Alegre, Maria Sard* The analysis differentiates package holidays by price (cheap, mid price and The market structure of the German and British tour operator markets has the features of an oligopoly (Bastakis, Buhalis, & Butler, ; Baum & Mudami,; .

Market Structure of the German and British Tour Operators’ Industry Through the Analysis of the Package Tour Prices in the Balearic Islands. Abstract: In this paper we study a sample of package tour prices of German and British tour operators in the Balearic Islands.

Market structure of the german and british tour operators industry through the analysis of the packa

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