Mathematically gifted essay

In the years following the No Child Left Behind Act, much of the research on education has justifiably focused on improving achievement of the lowest achieving students. More recently, however, there is growing concern that the most talented students may not be achieving their full potential either. At the same time, tighter budgets are now forcing cuts in the funding of gifted education programs.

Mathematically gifted essay


On one hand, he or she may be able to use their skills to cover up the ADD and never receive help or guidance. Giftedness has been defined in a variety of ways. In the past, giftedness was defined by a global score on an IQ test. More recently, professionals have been interested in looking at different types of talents instead of a global number.

The term gifted is often used to refer to students with academic excels in language or mathematics. Individuals with specific gifts in the areas of art, music or athletic performance are sometimes more plainly called talented.

In this paper, I will be focusing on ADD students with great strengths in verbal or mathematical skills. Gifted children and children with ADD can share many characteristics. Both groups may tend to question authority. A gifted child without ADD may become restless or even disruptive if the curriculum is not challenging.

Some studies have suggested that gifted children may be more active and sleep less than normal children. Unlike ADD children, gifted children usually pay attention quite well when placed in accelerated classes.

An exception is the small group of profoundly gifted children whose abilities are so divergent that regular programs for the gifted cannot serve them. In this small group, there may be an increased incidence of educational and emotional problems whether or not ADD is present.

A gifted student with ADD may have particular challenges. A bright individual, often more self-aware, is more likely to perceive himself as inadequate. Consequently, they will miss out on important information presented later in the lesson. The same student, engaged, can perform brilliantly.

Mathematically gifted essay

Teachers may interpret poor performance as laziness or conflicts with particular teachers. In some cases, ADD students may spend time in resource room, unequipped to meet his or her unique needs. When a student is gifted and also has ADD, while tests may indicate that he or she is gifted while he is performing at only an average level in classes.

Their homework and class work may be poor but their actual test and exam grades may be excellent. A student may be placed in a slower curriculum because the school may place many types of special needs students together.

The student, bored and frustrated, may act out more, making administrators less likely to place him in a more challenging curriculum. Proper evaluation and diagnosis is essential.

The comprehensive assessment should include a careful psychiatric evaluation to diagnose the ADD. The psychiatrist should also look closely for signs of depression, anxiety and other conditions that can co-exist with ADD. Psychological and educational testing are important parts the evaluation as well.

Psychiatrists and psychologists often use continuous performance tests to help assess ADD. Gaps between intellectual ability and actual performance may indicate areas of learning disability. If the student is particularly creative, the parents may want to bring a portfolio of his work to the assessment.

Proper evaluation is beneficial even if the student doing fairly good workCharacteristics of Highly Able Math Students The MCPS Policy on Gifted and Talented Education states that, "In grades prekindergarten–8, accelerated and enriched curricula will be provided to all students who have the capability or motivation to accept the challenge of such a program.

Characteristics to Look for When Identifying Mathematically Gifted Students There are many characteristics to consider when identifying which students are mathematically gifted. The following descriptors of characteristics of highly able mathematics students should be viewed as examples of indicators of potential.

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Catherine and her father are both mathematically gifted. They live together in a dilapidated old house and work on mathematical problems, seemingly not dependent on other people.

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