Micheal o leary transformational leadership in ryan air

Ryanair boss to angry pilots: Michael O'Leary, a brash executive known for his combative language, said Monday that he would fight any proposals that threaten the airline's low-cost business model. Ryanair reversed decades of policy in December by recognizing unions for the first time in a bid to avert strikes during the critical holiday travel period. Europe's biggest low-cost carrier is now negotiating pay and working conditions with pilot unions in countries including Spain, Germany, Italy, Ireland, France, Portugal and the U.

Micheal o leary transformational leadership in ryan air

The most obvious similarity between these organizations is the fact that both of them are in the UK passenger air transport industry. These companies entered the market competing with major carrier-airplanes like British Airways and Aer Lingus.

As these companies kept growing it brought them in competition with a much larger market. Both these love publicity stunts and are known to use humor in their public interviews etc.

The differences in organizational culture of both the organizations are evident straight from the selection process of employees. The Virgin group has a recruitment process that is lengthy and includes a group interview. The organization has dedicated training centers that run training programmes for the cabin crew and other staff.

The selection process of Ryanair is much simpler with candidates being able to know whether they qualify for the post just by simply answering eleven on-line questions. Ryanair also does not have set benefits for their full time employees and all incentives are based on the performance Mullins Smile, everything gets much easier if you show a friendly face Have fun at work Believe in your ideas, employees and colleagues Encourages employees in thinking outside the box Wants the organization to focus on customer satisfaction Places equal importance on both achieving organizational targets and employee satisfaction.

The organizations internal culture is reflected in the creation of its brand image.

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Employees are expected to follow set guidelines. Little or no encouragement for innovative or creative thinking. The organization focuses on maintaining cost effectiveness.


Relationship between the top-level management and operation level management is not free in terms of sharing ideas etc. Both these leaders have a very similar organization in regards to the industry they are in but the approach taken by each of them is widely different. Both of these organisations have been indeed successful; Ryanair has turned in significant profits for quite a few years now and Virgin is continuing to grow from strength to strength.

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The culture in these organizations of the same industry could hardly be more different than what it is already. There are many different forms and styles of managerial leadership. It is important to understand that different styles of leadership are required for different situations. In the development process of an organization, different stages may require different sorts of leadership styles.

There is no one style or form of leadership effective in all given situations. The leadership style of Sir Richard Branson.The intent of this study is to use relevant leading theories in dealingss to Michael O’Leary (here on MOL) and Ryanair and analyse and review the leading of MOL and attempts in change overing Ryanair to a .

It has made Michael O'Leary, who personally owns a per cent stake in Ryanair, worth £m. He is one of Ireland's richest citizens, with an estimated fortune of €m. and onto how their individual leadership styles influence strategic action.

Finally there will be conclusion and recommendations to the findings. Introducing Michael O’Leary and Stelios Haji-Ioannou Ryanair was established in first operating flights from Dublin to London.

Management and Leadership: Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair is instrumental in the Low Cost Strategy of Ryanair. Some of the most creative cost cutting methods implemented in Ryanair came directly from him.

He has been effective in exploiting and managing the core competencies of Ryanair. Ryan Air's CEO Michael O'Leary happy to play up for the cameras.

Micheal o leary transformational leadership in ryan air

But that's where the joking about ended well sort of. Michael O'Leary claims legislation forcing passengers to wear seatbelts is unnecessary and is preventing his airline from introducing cheap 'standing room only' sections.

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