Nightly business report december 4 2009 penny

Financial Times, March 16,

Nightly business report december 4 2009 penny

All three indexes gained for the week. But the new highs caused some investors to step back. A strong dollar sent gold prices tumbling and also hit commodities and stocks that benefit from a weaker greenback. Bond prices slumped, boosting the corresponding yields.

The jobs report "blew us away," said Phil Orlando, chief equity market strategist at Federated Investors.

UCLA Library NewsScape | from UCLA Library History[ edit ] The idea for a business news program had come from Susan J.
Previously Aired Episode History[ edit ] The idea for a business news program had come from Susan J.

That realization, combined with a little end-of-the-week fatigue, may have limited stock movement Friday. He said that while the economic news has been improving, it's hard to know what that improvement means in such an unusual economic environment.

A stronger dollar also put some pressure on the market, with gold prices plunging and commodity stocks slipping as well. Employers cut 11, jobs from their payrolls in November, the Labor Department reported Friday morning.

It was the smallest number of job losses since the start of the recession in December and a surprise to economists who were looking for employers to cutjobs in the month.

nightly business report december 4 2009 penny

Job losses in September and October were also revised lower by a total ofIt was the biggest one-month decline in more than three years. Economists thought the unemployment rate would hold steady at The report shows the battered labor market is recovering, yet job growth is not expected to pick up until later next year.

In addition, some of the improvement in the unemployment rate in November is attributable to job seekers giving up and dropping out of the market entirely. The report showed Meanwhile, another 6 million have given up looking and another 9. Economists surveyed by Briefing.

nightly business report december 4 2009 penny

Looking for work Gold dips after new record: Dollar-traded gold tumbled as the dollar firmed up. The dollar and oil: The dollar gained versus the euro and yen. The stronger dollar caused dollar-traded oil to give up most of its morning gains.

Overseas markets were mixed. Asian markets were mostly lower, with the exception of Japan's Nikkei. Treasury prices tumbled, raising the yield on the year note to 3. Treasury prices and yields move in opposite directions.

Market breadth was negative.In his December 18, appearance on the Nightly Business Report segment, "Market Monitor", Paul Kangas introduced him by saying, "In March you told us that the building blocks were in place for a new bull market and the market made a bottom on March 9.

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In the lower deck, they came with even more speed, hundreds of them, and Eagles coach Andy Reid and his players couldn't help but notice. Dec 01,  · PBS' "Nightly Business Report" has named Tom Hudson, formerly of Chicago-based "First Business," to replace retiring Paul Kangas as its co-anchor.

Hudson is scheduled to make his first appearance Wednesday on "Nightly Business Report" and take over as Susie Gharib's co-anchor on Jan.

4, reporting from the show's headquarters at South Florida's WPBT.

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