Paying attention

The City of Methuen is in a serious crisis. Not just a funding crisis but a management crisis, a leadership crisis and most frightening a structural crisis as a municipality. We had a council president voting to create his own job and his own salary in the police department that he then was appointed to, but only after the council jumped through hoops to get the state legislature to pass a home rule petition so that they could override the city charter to give him the job.

Paying attention

Paying attention

The Importance of Paying Attention: I failed the final essay exam in Mrs. Franco's twelfth-grade English class. I had studied hard and knew the material, and I had done fine on all of her earlier exams.

When I sat down for the final, I knew the basic set-up. We had always been offered a choice of questions to answer on past exams, usually picking three out of five questions to answer.

This time, there were ten questions, but I expected the final to be a bit longer. I quickly scanned the directions and saw that we needed to answer five total questions.

Since it was a timed exam and I was a slow writer, I began writing immediately, not even hearing Mrs. Franco as she provided additional directions to the class. I felt confident as I turned in the exam; I had even finished a few minutes early, a first for me.

When we got back our final exam grades, I was stunned to learn that I had failed it, having earned no credit for two of my answers.

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I went to Mrs. Franco's office to discuss what I had done wrong. In my haste to begin the exam, I had missed her additional oral instructions. She explained that she had designed this exam to give to another class as well as ours.

Three of the questions on the exam were less demanding and not meant for our section; therefore, she advised us specifically not to choose any of these. I had answered two of these three verboten questions and therefore received no credit for 40 percent of my grade.

Paying attention

Ultimately, my failure was not due to a lack of knowledge nor to a lack of studying. My experience on this exam proved to be a most valuable lesson as I entered college, however.

I had truly learned the importance of paying attention at all times, and I had experienced the consequences of not doing so. Metaphorically, it takes less than a second to step from the safety of the curb into the path of an oncoming bus. Academically, it can take about the same amount of time to misunderstand directions, not notice a deadline, or register in the wrong section of a course.

Our office hears appeals from students for exceptions to academic policies: One of the reasons most commonly used by students when asking for an exception is one that they could have prevented by paying attention: If students regularly take notice of the following, then perhaps they can empower themselves to become more academically aware, thereby avoiding some frustrating, often avoidable situations.

If you do not share your concerns, goals, and needs with them, then they cannot give you the best advice possible. Take the time to meet with your adviser outside of the hectic registration period.

Share the good and the bad, listen to their advice, and accept your responsibility for your own progress.


Most importantly, notice when your body is talking to you. If you are falling asleep in class, losing your appetite, not leaving your room, or feeling depressed, then seek help immediately.Join Daniel Roth for an in-depth discussion in this video, Paying attention to the headline, part of Writing to be Heard on LinkedIn.

A third element in the paying of/for attention, an element implied by the economic and social capture of corporeal practice by vast networks of structured attention, has perhaps received its strongest formulation in the recent work of Paolo Virno.

Paying Attention: Georgia credit unions’ portfolios show signs of maturing economic recovery November 21st, Cailin Credit Union News, Paying Attention 0 comments Annualized lending growth at Georgia credit unions slowed, but remained strong into the second quarter of as the economy continued to improve.

Start studying Paying Attention. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Attention is the key to so many things related to our lives.

We have to pay attention to walk across the street. We know our relationships are more satisfying if we actually pay attention to one another. Our business affairs require our attention.

All of this seems somehow self evident. Sep 20,  · He is an author, host of the Paying Attention TV/Radio Program, lectures on media bias and police issues, is a former Lawrence School Committeeman, former political director for Mass.

Citizens Alliance, and a Police Survivor.

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