Physical security

And more than that, these facilities must manage large quantities of data, making data management a critical component of a comprehensive security plan. For example, various doors and locks can be programmed to activate at specific times and rules can be applied based on time of day, shift changes, specific department access, and more. Healthcare facilities also look for the ability to control access remotely through mobile applications, confirm identity quickly and easily, and program varying levels of access for visitors, patients, doctors, and staff.

Physical security

Backing up files is easy to do and is essential for protecting data. Firstly, if your home or other premises where computer equipment is kept is not adequately secured, the way is left open for criminals to gain access by breaking in.

It does not take long for criminals to achieve their objectives once you have been tricked or distracted. Physical Damage Like everything else in the home or office, computer equipment is vulnerable to damage from fire, flood and accidental damage.

However, the consequences can be more significant because of the data you have stored on it such as documents, photos, music, contact lists and bookmarked websites.

Keep Your Computers Safe Keep doors and windows locked. Be careful about who you let into your home. Keep private paper records such as passports, bank statements and National Insurance number, under lock and key if possible. Fit a burglar alarm. Do not advertise the presence of computer equipment by leaving it on view through windows and glass doors.

Consider using a computer locking cable to make it harder to steal. Consult with your insurance company or local crime prevention officer for additional security advice.

Physical security

Keep your laptop with you whenever possible. When it is unattended — for example in a hotel room or meeting room — keep it hidden or physically locked up. Carry laptops in hand baggage on an aircraft or coach.

Never leave a laptop on a car seat. Even if you are in the car, your laptop could be vulnerable when you are stationary for example, whilst parking or at traffic lights. Get a padded bag. Many laptops are broken simply by dropping them.

Notify the Police or if the theft or loss has occurred on a train, the British Transport Police and obtain a crime or loss reference number for tracking and insurance purposes. Limit the Impact of a Theft or Loss Make a note of computer serial numbers to enable reporting if stolen.

Register your computer equipment on the Immobilise National Property Register. If it gets recovered by the police after being lost or stolen, there is a better chance of it being reunited with the rightful owner.

Use a security marker to label your computers and other high-value items. Never store passwords on your computer. Ensure your computer equipment is adequately insured. Back up your data see Backups for more information Set up user account passwords to prevent data being accessed.Related Files Status Board Adopted: CIP - May 13, ; CIP - May 7, Filed with FERC: CIP - May 23, US Enforcement Date.

Filings and Orders Background CIP In Order No. (final order on CIP – Physical Security), issued on November 20, , the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) directed NERC to remove the term “widespread” from. Effective physical security of an asset is achieved by multi-layering the different measures, what is commonly referred to as ‘defence-in-depth’.

Physical Security. Protecting the physical assets of a company is just as important as protecting the digital information. Physical security refers to protecting buildings and the assets and people in it. What the digital booking trend means for local travel attractions and fraud prevention Online bookings of local tours, attractions and even dining have skyrocketed.

Aug 24,  · Physical Protection of Special Nuclear Material of Moderate and Low Strategic Significance Licensee fixed site and in-transit requirements for the physical protection of special nuclear material of moderate and low strategic significance.

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