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Question and correct answer

All sensitive information remains in your control on your computers.

For Each Question, Choose the Correct Answer from the Multiple-Choice List.

All scans are processed automatically in FormReturn. Take a look at what scanners are compatible with OMR software. If you need to make any changes to responses, you can do so at any time. FormReturn also includes the ability to schedule automatic exports.

Automatic marking is only a few steps away However, the slow scanners speed and our fast typist made us postpone our idea, until we decided to double the number of tests per week for each student.

So, we started using FormReturn, and could reduce the delivery time performance from 16 hours to less than two hours. This reduction in time delivery of results motivated the students and was a decisive factor in improving their outcomes. Last night all answer sheets were scanned and graded.

I have a full item analysis showing student scores including the percents of students who successfully answered each question. When I hand back the tests to students today I'm prepared to discuss their results and to highlight questions that tripped students up.

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FormReturn is a great solution to enable my instruction to be data driven, while compiling that data in minutes. You have created an excellent product at a very reasonable price that functions well, is truly cross-platform, and you offer excellent customer support. All I can say is: That means that we had to enter, by hand, something like forms every week.

And since it was the first year of our Medical School we only had 30 students.


Things could only get worse from then on. So we started using FormReturn.

It was a life-saver and we are now generating all our forms in it. It's simple, flexible, efficient and reliable and it's saving us an enormous amount of time.

Our department holds several trainings a year, and the process of collecting evaluation data from 30 to over participants at a time was arduous and time consuming. FormReturn has absolutely transformed the way we do our evaluations and collect data!

Everything is so incredibly streamlined and efficient! The segment feature cuts down tremendously on the time it takes to make new forms; we can use existing questions in whatever order we need, so every evaluation is customized to its training. Additionally, having the ability to scan and quickly export the data we need into spreadsheets has reduced data entry time to almost nothing!

Thanks for such a wonderful product! Click the download icon above and be sure to check out the quick start tutorial videos.

Question and correct answer

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Question and correct answer
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