Santa claus does not only bring gifts to children but also reminds the society that christmas is all

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Santa claus does not only bring gifts to children but also reminds the society that christmas is all

What should parents tell their children about Santa Claus? Although Santa Claus is a mythical figure, his creation is based in part on a great Christian man named Saint Nicholas of Myra, who lived in the 4th century.

Nicholas was born to Christian parents who left him an inheritance when they died, which he distributed to the poor.

He became a priest at a young age and was well-known for his compassion and generosity.

Santa claus does not only bring gifts to children but also reminds the society that christmas is all

Nicholas passed away on December 6 sometime around the s or s AD, and the day of his death became an annual feast in which children would put out food for Nicholas and straw for his donkey. It was said that the saint would come down from heaven during the night and replace the offerings with toys and treats—but only for the good boys and girls.

There are many different versions of the legend of Saint Nicholas, but all are the inspiration for the jolly, red-suited gift-giver that we now know as Santa Claus.

Santa claus does not only bring gifts to children but also reminds the society that christmas is all

Many Christian parents are torn as to whether or not they should play the "Santa game" with their children. On one hand, he makes Christmas fun and magical, leaving wonderful holiday memories for years to come. On the other hand, the focus of Christmas should be on Jesus Christ and how much He has already given us.

So, is the story of Santa Claus an innocent addition to Christmas festivities, or is he a subject that should be avoided? Parents need to use their own judgment in deciding whether or not to include Santa during the holidays, but here are some things to consider: Children who believe that the gifts they receive Christmas morning are from a magical man with unending resources are less likely to appreciate what they have been given, and the sacrifices their parents make in providing them.

Greed and materialism can overshadow the holiday season, which is meant to be about giving, loving, and worshiping God.

Bible Verses for Thanksgiving - Be encouraged with Scripture on why we should give thanks and how to express our gratitude. It's so easy during the holiday season (or any time of the year!) to be overwhelmed with all the tasks and activities to do that we forget to stop and reflect on why we should be celebrating. Nov 24,  · Have your child write a Santa Letter. This can be a simple letter that your child can write to Santa Claus. Children absolutely love to write a letter to Santa, but they occasionally need a little parental guidance to pull it off. Help your child include a special list of gifts they desire for Christmas into the Santa letter%(91). The Daily Signal has actually contacted the companies on the list and asked them about their corporate support for Planned Parenthood. While certainly in some instances there IS direct support, in a number of cases (Xerox, Coca-Cola, Fannie Mae, American Cancer Society, and Ford Motor Co.) it .

Children whose parents are on a tight budget may feel that they have been overlooked by Santa, or even worse, deemed one of the "bad" boys or girls. An even more troubling aspect of telling our children that Santa comes down the chimney each year to leave their gifts is that it is, obviously, a lie.

We live in a society that believes that lying for the "right" reason is acceptable. This is contrary to what the Bible tells us. Of course, telling our children that Santa is real is not a malicious deception, but it is, nevertheless, a lie.

Although it is probably not typical, some children honestly feel deceived and betrayed by their parents when they find out that Santa is not real. Children trust their parents to tell them the truth, and it is our responsibility not to break this trust. If we do, they will not believe more important things we tell them, such as the truth about Christ, whom they also cannot physically see.

Children can still play the "Santa game" even if they know it is all pretend.

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They can make lists, sit on his lap at the mall, and leave out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve. This will not rob them of their joy of the season, and gives parents the opportunity to tell their children about the godly qualities of the real Saint Nicholas, who dedicated his life to serving others and made himself into a living example of Jesus Christ.After fourteen (14) years, Joe Parisi has decided to put the Inquirer to bed.

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Strange Gifts from Above.

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Since Jesus and Santa Claus bring competing messages, I would suggest the answer is no. As Jesus Christ continues to be marginalized by society, our goal should be to magnify Him in our homes that our children would be impressed with His kindness to us shown on the Cross.

Just came across your site and only had a chance to briefly look over it. For all intense purposes I grew up in this mall. Please understand that for most of the 70’s . 5 Reasons Why I Let My Kids Believe in Santa Claus 1) Because the story of St. Nicholas is a true story. Saint Nicholas (15 March – 6 December ) also called Nikolaos of Myra, was a historic 4th-century saint and Greek Bishop of Myra.