The expansion of higher education

Higher Education Higher Education Considerable progress has been made in Higher Education between and with student enrollments increasing toand students receiving scholarships to 4, The Directorate General for Higher Education team and HEIs have built their capacity to strengthen planning and monitoring, manage research grants and scholarships and so absorb more funds for programs expansion.

The expansion of higher education

BE Nzimande, better know? He holds a doctoral degree in philosophy from the then University of Natal's Sociology department, awarded inspecializing in Industrial and Labour Studies. Prior to his current position, Dr.

Nzimande was a Member of Parliament and the first Chairperson of the Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Education in the democratic South Africa between and Between and he held the position of Director: Education Policy Unit at the University of Natal.

In he enrolled at the University of Zululand to study towards a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Public Administration and Psychology. He participated in all the major student struggles at Ngoye university in the mid to late s. This included the student protests against the installation of Chief Buthelezi as chancellor of the university inthe food boycotts as well as the student reactions to the student uprisings which led to the closure of the university on 18 June for the remainder of that year.

These also included pioneering gender struggles against the university's attempts to expel pregnant women students. Whilst doing his honours degree at the Pietermaritzburg campus of the University of Natal inhe was introduced to Marxism by one of his Psychology lecturers, Mr.

Grahame Hayes, an event that was to radically change his political and academic outlook forever. Since that time Nzimande embraced Marxism as the only correct theoretical and programmatic approach in the then immediate struggles against the apartheid regime.

From his being inspired by Marxism at the time, he decided that he wanted to become an academic and activist whose goal was to produce more black Marxists, both inside and outside academia, in the struggle against apartheid and capitalism.

During the time working at this company between andDr. He also started working part-time as a university tutor for Unisa students at the anti-apartheid education organisation, the South African Council for Higher Education SACHED incontextualising that university's study guides against the background of his Marxist perspectives.

Nzimande met his dear wife and life-long comrade, Phumelele Ntombela. At the end of Dr. Nzimande resigned from Tongaat-Hullett group at the first opportunity when offered his ideal job, a full-time academic post at the Umlazi Campus of the University of Zululand as a senior lecturer.

He established the new Department of Industrial Psychology on this campus. In JulyDr. Nzimande left a senior lecturership position at Umlazi campus to take up a lower and less paying post of lecturer in the Psychology Department at Howard College, at the then University of Natal.

This choice was made as a result of the fact that in the s the white liberal universities had fought for more space for left-wing and other anti-apartheid academic, political and social activism than any other university campuses at the time.

The expansion of higher education

This then allowed Dr. Nzimande the space to continue with his community and labour movement work in the s in Dambuza, uMlazi and nationally. This included work in support of building the progressive trade union movement both before and after the formation of COSATU inas well as in the building of self-defense units against the apartheid and Inkatha-based sponsored counter-revolutionary violence, mainly in KZN.New Mexico is a unique state with excellent opportunities for higher education.

There are seven four-year public postsecondary institutions, three of which are research universities; ten two-year branch community colleges; seven two-year independent community colleges; and . Revised Guidelines for Revision and Continuation of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post Matric Scholarship for the students belonging to other Backward Classes for .

Higher Education News November 8, - State Regents Approve Budget Request, Legislative Agenda. The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education voted Thursday to request $ million for FY , which reflects an increase of $ million or percent over the .

Overview. The Department of Higher Education, MHRD, is responsible for the overall development of the basic infrastructure of Higher Education sector, both in terms of policy and planning.

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