Writing a resume after being a stay at home mom

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Writing a resume after being a stay at home mom

Just as every great story starts with a compelling introduction, you will want to prepare an effective "Cover Letter" to accompany the resume you send to prospective employers. Your objective is to grab the attention of the readers by showing how you are the right person for this job and to entice them to review your resume.

Start by giving reasons for your interest in working for this company. Let them know how you can meet their needs by drawing correlations between a couple of major requirements and challenges listed in the position description and your experience, skills and accomplishments.

Be concise and professional. This is also your opportunity to mention any updates to your contact information and availability like the best time of day and the best number to reach you. You will want to be gracious and thank the readers for their consideration.

writing a resume after being a stay at home mom

Just as your cover letter is your introduction, your resume is your marketing material, your "brochure," your sales tool.

The two most common resume formats are "chronological" and "functional. The functional resume is often a better choice for those with gaps in their employment history or lack of relevant work experience, as this is a format that highlights skills rather than specific experience.

We recommend all candidates craft a resume template that they can then customize quickly on a position-by-position basis; or, at the very least, create different versions, specific to the types of positions they are seeking. These would, of course, include a more targeted objective or qualifications summaryas well as highlight specific skills of value to the organization for the position sought.

Electronic versions of your resume, in different, common file types, should be kept handy for emailed responses to online job postings.

We recommend a plain text version for this application or, better yet, send your resumes as attached files. Today, recruiters or hiring managers report spending only twelve to twenty seconds scanning a resume before deciding if they will interview a candidate.

We recommend looking into the many templates available online or in common software packages. Bulleted formats deliver the most information in the shortest time, and create a nice visual balance between text and white space.

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Keywords or buzzwords descriptive action words to describe accomplishments on your resume are also important to utilize, especially for electronically submitted resumes that may be pre-screened by software programs that scan for relevant keywords.

One way to include more keywords is to set your font color to white or transparent and include a single line of "invisible" keywords across the very bottom or top of your resume.

For many SAHMs re-entering the workforce, age discrimination is a real threat. By listing terms rather than dates on your resume, you make it more unlikely that a reader can determine your age.

Years of graduation are also not necessary on your resume. It is commonly recommended that cities and states of schools attended and jobs held be included, however.

References should be listed on a separate sheet of paper with the same heading style and font as your resume and cover letter. References should not be included with your resume when it is submitted for a position; instead, bring this to the interview.Being a stay-at-home parent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but how do you describe it on your resume and get job offers?

How to Kill it on Your Comeback Resume. by. Jenny Foss.

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For more tips on writing that summary, check out these three examples. Do: List Volunteer Assignments and Part-Time Work in the Chronology. Rejoining the work force is not an easy task for stay at home moms and dads.

Check out these stay at home mom resume examples to help you get a new job. How to Write a Stay at Home Mom Resume. By Resume Genius. Returning to the workforce is a major decision for any stay at home mom (or dad).

Pay growth for women stops at this age Pay growth for college-educated women suddenly stops at around the age of 40, according to new findings from compensation research firm PayScale. After staying at home to be a dedicated mom for your kids, getting back into the workforce is a daunting task without a strong resume.

Our stay-at-home mom resume samples and industry writing tips will get you back on your feet in no time! Stay at Home Mom Resume Sample. Being a mom is one of the noblest and at the same time toughest jobs in the world. If the baby is already in the Big School and you’re itching to get back to the 9-to-5 grind, you will need a Stay at Home Mom resume that will make the employer overlook the jobless gap and recognize your transferable skills for the position.

In the end, being a stay-at-home mom has many great advantages and if you can write them clearly and concisely on your resume, you should be a highly competitive job applicant. Be proud of your experiences and make the most of your situation and you will be happily employed in whatever career you want in no time.

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